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The Demon Accords Compendium, Volume 1: Stories from the Demon Accords Universe
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You can read about each of John Conroe’s books, read John’s bio or try a few sample chapters of his urban fantasy series.

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You might even attempt to contact him but just be aware… he’s mostly chained to his desk writing his next piece of lighthearted, action-filled, snarky fiction.

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About God Touched:

“John Conroe’s first book does more than display his familiarity with the currently popular sub-genre of vampire stories. It also showcases a truly individual and engaging storytelling voice. With intelligence and sly humor, Conroe has crafted a tale that is more than mere genre fiction. It’s a truly engaging and rewarding read.”

– Joseph Bruchac, author of WOLF MARK, as well as best selling co-author of the DOWN TO EARTH series.

God Touched by John Conroe

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“Hey Chris, dude, here’s to six months on the Force and the end of probation!” Pella exclaimed for the dozenth time, his slurring getting more pronounced with each toast.  I clinked my bottle to his glass, having to first steady his hand. Pella and I had just finished probation with the NYPD and were now eligible for full benefits.

Our host for the evening, veteran officer Scott Henderson, single and ever the playa, was charming a pair of young ladies at the bar. He had waved me over several times, but that wasn’t gonna happen.  Bad enough that I was out with my brothers in blue, there was no way I’d involve a girl in the minefield of my life.

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