Will [book title] be available on Audible?

Are you kidding me? Of course, but sound travels slower than electricity, so the ebooks are available now, but the audio will take a little bit.

Will a print version of [book title] be available?

Yup, but Conroe is dead slow on a typewriter and has to backspace a lot. Be prepared for white out.

Will the next book be from Chris’ or Declan’s point of view?

Yes. Maybe. Not sure. Depends on which one is louder in the patient’s author’s head.

Are there any more Demon Accords books coming in the future?

If Conroe is still chained to his writing desk, or the voices in his head keep up their incessant chatter, or he still owes on his mortgage, then the answer is YES!

Does the author ever do book signings?

He hasn’t yet, but that’s mainly because we’re afraid to let him out in public. If past experience is any guide, he’s very likely to wander off and annoy the authorities. The citations get expensive. If we decide to risk it, we’ll post it on this page.