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Oct 31st 2019

Web of Extinction is Here!

It’s out and available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo! And coming to Audible in just a few months time. The Finale to the Zone War series. Find it here:

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Oct 11th 2019

Story Arcs — Past, Present and Future

So Web of Extinction is at the editor’s, getting ready to close out the Zone War trilogy… or is it? Lots of fans have lamented that the series is ending — that makes me happy, mostly because it means I did my job and wrote characters that people care about. But it also makes me […]

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May 22nd 2019

Odd Thoughts part 2

One thing I didn’t address in this morning’s post was all of the ideas and suggestions I get from fans of the books.  I get a ton!  Demon Accords and Zone War fans are heavily invested in both series and I’m hugely thankful for that (hello mortgage my old friend). I read every email, every […]

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May 22nd 2019

Odd thoughts

Often, when it’s revealed that I’m an author, people ask how I come up with ideas for stories.  My answer is that usually that they just pop into my brain.  That I can’t stop them and just have to keep a constantly growing list. At this point in the conversation, my wife takes note of […]

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Apr 8th 2019


Borough of Bones is at the editor’s, undergoing the change from raw wordage to readable English.  I expect it back at any time this week and as soon as it arrives, I’ll put the last touches in place and it’ll be published on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and all the rest.  Approximately three or […]

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Mar 9th 2019

2019 progress

Okay, so I’ve been bad about keeping up with this blog.  That changes now.  Full disclosure, we moved in January and with all that comes with a complete move to a whole new state I’ve been distracted.  Still writing every day so there’s that.  But things are settling down and I want to get on […]

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Jan 27th 2019

Full Time Writing

So I wrote the first eighteen books of my writing career while holding down a full time job and being a full time father.  Now the kids are grown (but being a father never stops – who knew?), and I’ve retired from a thirty-two year career as a banker, investment manager and financial planner.  My […]

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