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Darkkin Queen out on Audible, August 4, 2020!

A novel of the Demon Accords.
Tatiana Demidova, natural born vampire, Fallen Angel, Coven Queen, Chosen of the God Hammer, President, CEO and Chairperson of Demidova Incorporated, mother of twins. She’s faced threats of all kinds: natural and supernatural, vampire, were, demon, and human. But the alien Vorsook bring a whole new definition to the word threat; relentless in their desire to conquer new worlds, unearthly patient, superhumanly cunning. To defend her world, her coven, her Chosen, and her children, she’ll need ever bit of her own superhuman abilities. The hour is dark, but then again, it’s very possible that she was born for this exactly this moment, and she happens to be right at home in the dark.