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Over the past months I’ve started many new books, so I figured I’ll return with some of my thoughts, recommendations, and even say thanks for some of the suggestions here.

Of some of the suggestions here, I’ve completely finished all of Cradle. I really enjoyed the series, although for some different reasons. It’s not urban fantasy and therefor lacks some of the government stuff and while the character gets incredibly powerful, it’s handled completely differently to this series in that, in comparison to his opponents, he’s almost always kind of weak. But with that said, I did always enjoy seeing just *how* he overcomes it.

Some books that I’ve started, but not finished are Iron Druid and Dresden Files. Iron Druid of which I wasn’t a huge fan of, feels a bit childish or not serious enough. Can’t put my finger on what it is exactly. Dresden Files is weak at first, but seems to get better and better as the series goes on. The main character isn’t necessarily crazy OP, but is clever, smart, and powerful enough to deal with every situation thrown at him. Different from Demon Accords, but close is many ways to where many of the elements of both series appeal to me.

A couple series I personally found and read that no one else mentioned…

Pax Arcana by Elliott James. Protagonist isn’t really OP, but is at least unique in the world, has many supernatural friends, and deals with some black ops government-like stuff(it’s a secret organization thing). Romance was a bit too forced for my tastes, but I was able to get past it.

The series I’ve found is most like Demon Accords is the Vesik Series by Eric Asher. Protagonist is fairly powerful, although not overly so as in Demon Accords. Tons of supernatural friends, way more supernatural stuff and creatures than in Demon Accords, tons of different abilities and powers being thrown around. And the government does eventually get involved in the supernatural world. Only negative for me would be a few books in a minor romance subplot begins and while it remains a smaller part, when stuff does happen, it’s front and center and sex is about as detailed as you can get without being porn. But besides that, its very enjoyable. I’m currently in the middle of the last Vesik book right now(I finished most of the series a while ago, but the newest book just released).

The next book/series I plan on reading is the Onset series by Glynn Stewart. From what I can tell, it’s basically, the world as it is today, but supwernatural creatures are integrated into society and especially law enforcement/military. Seems like it could have some of what Demon Accords does from later in the series.

Thank you for everyone who has commented 🙂

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