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(Spoiler through compendiums)

I absolutely loved the two Compendiums. The Demon Accords world is full of so many characters, there could be 20 Compendiums full of shorts stories, and it wouldn’t be enough. Love the series, and the world within it.

A short with Elder Tzao or Hosokawa. (previously suggested) I’m thinking their absence from the China invasion is a variation of what goes on in the Underworld movie. They don’t allow more than one Elder in a combat zone at a time.

I would love a separate POV for the Declan/Chris dust up. Pick whomever you want, Chris, Stacia, someone in the meeting before Declan wakes up, I don’t care. It’s just that every time I re read the series, I get to that incident, and I get so worked up/pissed. I’m 100% on Declan’s side in that instance, and really wish he would of woke up, flipped everyone off (except Stacia and his aunt) and took off. I feel like Chris and Tanya are huge hypocrites in that situation. Everyone just brushes off Chris’s role in it as ‘that’s grim’. Chris has dropped an asteroid on America, blown up 100’s of law enforcement firearms ammunition injuring many people twice, and he’s going to attack Declan for holding up a Shield to protect Stacia? Then make Declan apologize for it? I also wish Declan would have told Darci that her co workers could get bent. If they can’t deal with who he is, than piss off.
Sorry, I don’t know why, but that incident just rubs me the wrong way for some reason 🙂