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I really really love the books. Have read all of them multiple times. But I can agree with you on the Double standards.

But in the last books I think a lot of the people are a bit unfair to Declan. I mean I kind of get why they are worried but he proved himself numerous times.

In God Hammer he first basically saves their Company from bankrupt. Than he tells them he is worried about Susskin and the Quantum Project. He is right Susskin betrays them and if he had not stepped in Anvil would have taken over and Chris and Tanya would have a lot of trouble. Saves them basically again. All this created Omega, something Declan did not want at first. But Tanya says that true sentient AI is inevitable and that they need to guide it so it is friendly to them. But when they find out about Omega in Rogues they are really worried and pissed. And in the books after that too, especially Tanya. So THERE actions created Omega, something they kind of wanted, Declan saves them numerous times and they are pissed???? What the Fuck.

ON another note I would love some kind of High school reunion with either Stacia and Declan or Chris and Tanya attending. From what is mentioned in the Books they all were not that popular in School so I think it would be fun to read.