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Finished reading the book a few days after it was released and have been debating if to bring this up.
The most obvious hints for me in the book
1. Nengled – New England
2. Montshire – Vermont & New Hampshire

The really interesting ones (and not so obvious) took me a bit of digging on Google, Google Maps and re-reading Web of Extinction:
1. In WOE in Chapter 35 they describe the way they got to their compound (up I-91..exit a bit south of EAST HAVEN)
2. When you read Murder of Shadows the capital is HAVEN which is also, if I read google maps right fits into exactly the same place.

Bit too much of a coincidence for me. It could either be just that that JC knows the area really well and it makes it easier to write the story or, it is set in the same world as Zone Wars.

So what do you think?
Which one of my theories is correct?
Which is Castle Fearnaught the compound and Haven actually EAST HAVEN?
Is one of the main characters the child of AJ and Astrid?

Obviously I really enjoyed the book.