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I’m the type of person who has a difficulty in satisfying my taste on which book to read. One time I stumbled with the Demon Accords series, and boy this is definitely my most favorite book series. It is all action packed and I always come back to read it again although I am done reading all of them. I am currently suffering from mild depression and to keep myself grounded from the negative thoughts, I just come and read it again and again and it always made me smile. Probably this is because of the character whose name is Christian Gordon, dealing with the demon and also dealing with your personal demons which I can relate 100%. The only problem is that the lack of character arc but for me it’s fine because too much drama will just cause more pain to the reader. I hope the characters will live happily ever after. Can’t wait for the upcoming books. I’m hoping that there are more from this series, a post-apocalyptic plot will be exciting more demons since everybody is frantic. Thank you so much, Mr. John Conroe.