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I am firmly Anti-CAECO and after forcing myself to read through the book the first time I refuse to read through it again when I go back to read through the series again. I understand John Conroe is the author and therefore the ultimate authority on characters but I really must say that based on all of CAECO behavior starting in Snake Eyes all the way through Winterfall and beyond is reprehensible to me. If she never made another appearance in the series I would be absolutely thrilled. The fact that CAECO somehow convinces Mack, Jetta and others to give her intel on Declan and then freely gives that information to the government at large is a huge betrayal that irks me. I also find her point of view tedious to read and it took me at least 5x longer to get through CAECO because of that and the mental cajoling I had to give myself to just read another page just finish the book. CAECO in my opinion is irredeemable and hopefully now that some other fairly major characters have been written out of the series we can get CAECO out next.