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I guess it is up to the individual reader but in my opinion she really doesn’t bring anything to the series or the team that can’t be found elsewhere in the series and doesn’t take actions that couldn’t be done by another current team member who haven’t been a horrible person.

1. She gives away information on Declan to a room full of government people who have already made several attempts at kidnapping or killing him.
2. She forces Declan to kiss her even though she knows he’s with Stacia and even admits in her own book that Nanites through blood is highest success rate therefore kissing was less likely to succeed.
3. She works with Krista and her circle who not only circled and were planning on keeping Declan to stag him out but also made the fetishes that were causing Stacia issues.
4. Her nanites being used I think was just a useful ploy by Mr. Conroe that completely undermines the mate bond that Stacia and Declan have not to mention why didn’t the elementals Draco and Robbie go talk to him instead. They seemed super protective after CAECO visited more so than usual so that seems to support this was just for making CAECO useful not necessary.
5. Jetta and Mack are appalled by her actions as they well should be in Winterfell but are suddenly feeding her intel on Declan that just seems a giant insult to both Suttons who have already done so much.
6. She took pictures of Declan’s blood without his knowledge and gave those images to her mother.

I am seeing no redeemable qualities here at all. In fact Katrina Westing was brought into the story and honestly if they want to do a whole investigation angle just use Katrina at least she’s loyal and knows right from wrong unlike CAECO.