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Honestly I would rather have a flushed out story with real consequences and well thought out structure than something rushed and ridiculous.

This is a feel good story where the good guys have all the power and always win and I think he is having issues writing a story arc where cities full of people are being blown up, nightmare weapons are killing billions of people and the world starts collapsing.

Either that or he will avoid the whole issue and the massive planet devouring vorsook empire will continue doing nonsensical attacks that can be easily defended against…like deploying the super contagious self replicating bioweapon hundreds of miles away from civilization with the goal to reach a city when you already have sleeper cells with vorsook tech already in cities full of people ready to be infected. Like that group in C.A.E.C.O. could have just let twenty black frost infected out in Seattle or something and then there would be a million indestructible horrors than like… twenty.

Or having a sleeper cell convert a few humans into a much less dangerous form of nanotechnology warrior and build one spaceship instead of just planting the equivalent of nuclear weapons in major cities.

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