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All through the series Chris is in a constant internal battle not to give in and be with stacia and has gotten pretty close on a few occasions. In darkkin queen Tanya says she was concerned that Chris would choose to be with Stacia and she has an emotional link right into his head so we know there are feelings on his end.

Stacia spent every moment she could for YEARS trying to seduce Chris and even confessed to him before kissing him. Chris is constantly internally describing how attractive she is and it’s obvious that the only reason they aren’t together is because of Tanya.

Those kinda of emotions and mutual attraction doesn’t go away over a summer, as we saw her choose Chris in summer reign when she had the option to either support her “mate” or Chris.

It’s lingering in the back of my head that If anything happened to Tanya that Stacia would bounce to Chris in a heartbeat and it has pretty much ruined the series for me because I really loved the Declan character before you made the decision to pair those two up.