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I totally agree with basically everything you said in the opening post. I would agree with the poisoning of the series too if an earlier event had not already poisoned it for me.

When Caeco stands by and watches Declan almost get killed because of Jenx being an asshole, then avoids Declan, then tries to publicly verbally humiliate him, ALL while continuing to help Jenx teach his class? This is disgusting behavior presumably just to explain their breakup but even after that Declan still trusts Caeco????????

Declan even lets Caeco distract him in Summer Reign when he thinks Stacia is about to be seriously injured or killed. Caeco ‘coughs’ and that is enough to have Declan do nothing when he believes his girlfriend is in mortal danger?

Then we have agent Krup, geared up to kill witches and wolves, repeatedly threatening him and his friends lives and one of her people shooting Oasos three times which leads to Chris and Declan’s girlfriend turning on Declan while he is trying to keep them all safe?

All the things with Declan getting SHIT on by people close to him who he continues to unfailingly care about, protect, and help to reach their goals is disgusting and aggravating.

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