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I enjoyed it quite a bit. Not that it was perfect but my complaints are incredibly minor. Had a little trouble believing the part with General Creek; I would have liked to see more of an interaction with Jessica; Levi kinda got dragged in for no real purpose; but my main issue was the whole ‘is Declan gonna blow a gasket’ storyline that went nowhere at all. I assume that it’s setting up the plot for the next book, but it left me hanging.
Not sure that I liked the part with Gramps getting attacked either.

On the plus side, the whole counterattack against the Vorsook was pretty cool, as well as the way they handled the shock troops on Earth. Makes me wonder if a similar solution could be applied to the Vorsook as a whole, but that would entail all sorts of ethical considerations. I also liked seeing Declan getting schooled by his aunt in spellcraft.

Based on the author’s notes it sounds like he’ll be working on book 18 next, which is great.