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Spoiler Alert here as well –

First, I hope this doesn’t come across as to much complaining because this is my favorite series and I’ve read the whole set numerous times. I also follow the Vella series and I’ve really enjoyed having more content. I’ve already put my review up on Amazon and can’t wait for the next book (but the authors note at the end bummed me out a bit). Also, I think Mr. Conroe’s been having a rough go of things through the Covid-19 era. I think we can all read between the lines of the posts he has had and the authors note to hear the struggle. That being said, I hope everything is well and I think we’re all thankful for his work and the world we love to escape into.

I thought the start of the book was a bit off with the interview scenario. It felt like a bit to much effort went into this book to remind us of everything that had come before and maybe this was used a bit to pump up the word count.

I agree with the bit about General Creek. I think there were other ways to accomplish the same goal without using him as a plot device. In fact, I’d have rather this have been a character from Arcane.

The short arc with Alex was pretty good. I think it could have been dived into deeper and slower. Rather than just oh hey now he’s been attacked and its over, it could have been oh he’s been attacked, this isn’t going well and we’ve got to find a fix. Instead, it was a bit light. If you go back to the first half of this series, Gramps being attacked could have been the arc of an entire novel and could have been handled much more personally. Those types of stories are what built the DA series into what we all love and I do miss that.

One thing that confused me was the interview with the Irish witches. Without going into to much detail here, I thought something explosive could have happened with this and it just kind of vanished from the book.