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While from a computer design perspective it makes sense to talk about what could improve a computer (switches, memory, etc), it really doesn’t make sense for Omega. Either as a computer or a character.

Omega is supposed to be an AI and a quantum computer. That’s two singularity level technologies, and Tanya remarked on that in the books.

An explanation of Omega getting stronger doesn’t need to be something that would make sense for a normal or real computer. Omega has specifically remarked about designing tech so advanced that humans wouldn’t understand it.

If quasi technical details were ever appropriate, I would suggest having Omega have upgraded his chips using a combination of his super advanced tech and magic to whatever level the plot requires. Or something that relates to magic Declan figured out. Omega is already a walking Deus ex machina.

Trying to make that seem more legitimate/explicable with technobabble would just hurt the story. Why would a magical AI quantum computer be constrained by needing to put an entangled server node in Alpharetta to get lower latency times to a bunch of server farms. The DA has never had a hard laws of magic system so it’s not like it’s constrained by what a real world quantum physicist would design