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Archimedes – I agree with you about the actual details of Omega getting more powerful, I was primarily addressing some of the basic concepts. A computer, quantum, magical or both, needs a way to process information, rapid access to the information & in Omega’s case entangled links to his distributed nodes. How he does this is up to him because, as you say, his designs are way past our distant concepts. Who know, he could be using quantum holographic memory & virtual particle processing all linked together by magic in some sort of Schrodinger’s Cat type suspended super position system. Like all the techno magical babel? 🙂
Eric – While I agree that Omega owns & can access any standard computer or internet connected device he wants, I don’t think he lives there. He’s probably sitting back in his comfy quantum distributed net & using virtual agents to take care of most standard business & inquiries, while concentrating on whatever is higher on his priority list. After his encounter with the Vorsook DNA based computer though, I think it’s a safe bet he’s busy designing & build upgrades to his main quantum cores. The Vorsook will certainly be preparing newer & better ways to attack him, so if he doesn’t want to get eaten, he has to step up his game & a high volume of standard computers will be no help against that kind of attack.