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The issue I see is we have the Demidova Corp and the Coven and at least part of the Outer Guard is part of the Demidova Corp. It would be interesting if the Coven had a term for the Vamps that were not part of the Coven and not the crippled outcast. You could see older vamps or small groups of rogue vamps that have hidden themselves from the Coven like any that might have escaped Africa from the Coven purge. This might give room for interesting one off characters.

The concept of the newly turned vamp is that we really have not seen this in the story. Also there is room for minor characters or sub stories of the lower power characters. Right now Team God Hammer is so strong that small level conflicts are not even worth writing about.

There is room for the students of College Arcane to shine but I would like to see more in the DA universe even outside the main elements. The university setting stories are some of my personal favorite across many different genres as it is something that a lot of us can relate to.

PS: The big foot thing is a joke as it is fun in the earlier book but is done Butcher and Larry Correia.