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I am pretty sure, that the reason the Dresden files tanked is because they tried to put 1 book in each episode. Most of Jim’s books are in the 500 to 750 page range, now a regular movie is in the 150 page range (script), so an episode would be 75 pages.

You can’t truly represent the content of a book in a movie let alone a 45 minute episode, the only movie I have seen recently that came closest is “Ready Player One” and it still left a lot out.

With the Dresden File TV show, there was also the issue with “Bob”. Where Bob is a scull, and the actor that played him was always bumping into things, so in post production the CGI guys needed to take that out (Expensive).

So with RP1 and GOT the authors had a lot of input, but not the DF.

But to be honest I would prefer you keep writing, than take the time to put together a quality TV show.

My 2 cent worth.