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2by4, I agree, in one of the early books when Chris meets the elders, he senses Tsao being older than Senka by about a century. Which makes sense, as Tsao was an elder before Senka. In later books, Senka has become the oldest. I kind of like her, completely lacking in ruth, but seems to be non-judgmental & even handed with folks.
I like the idea of nanites for Declan.
Declan’s studying how things work in geology & climate at college, he should also be taking in some physics classes to begin to understand the fundamental forces. He could get really dangerous then. They call him a “backpack nuke” now, with some knowhow, he could make that a reality.
I think they should develop the Centipedes of Death more for overt security & keep Omega’s micro drones in the background. With Omega’s tech, the centipedes could become even more badass. Put a gauss gun at one end that can fire either inert slugs or Omega’s new homing explosive rounds & a laser at the other, give them better blades, some for close in fighting & others for the extended Ginsu Whirling Blades of Death. Maybe add a high powered taser for non-lethal engagements or emergency contact range “shock the opponent off of me” use. They may be bigger due to the increased capability & power consumption, but could balance that somewhat with Omega’s nanotechnology expertise. They could even sell or rent them to DOAA or ORACLE for their ops against demons & rogue supers, or even normal terrorists. Omega would still have ultimate control after all.