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I’ve been thinking about the high end Spider AIs & the way they learn & adapt. They must have noticed the degradation of theirs & the others hardware, & lack of milspec ammo. They also, since they are tapped into the internet, have a basic idea of technological advances in the rest of the world. Given their drive to kill efficiently & planning capabilities, I think the Zone Wars teams & the rest of the world may be in for a shock when NEW drones with upgraded systems & AIs suddenly appear. Manhattan is a large place & there has to be some machine shops, small robotic manufactory plants & niche production companies, maybe with 3-D printing systems here & there. Probably chemical & biological labs & plants as well. With those available & wanting to maintain or increase their population & capabilities for killing the rest of humanity, I’d be surprised if they haven’t set up production lines & R&D facilities of their own, for ammunition, new barrels, & replacement parts initially & then new designs based on what they’ve learned works, have seen & modified from the internet & their own R&D. Things could get rough.