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Another question to consider. Do the fey have souls? Being one of the creators families, one would assume so, but they don’t act like they do. They consort with demons, kill & kidnap wantonly, use death magic etc. This would put them on the condemned track. Where is their assigned angel? Taking an extended coffee break? They don’t seem to have anything like a religion, faith or holy/consecrated ground, maybe because they live too long? Will Chris take a look at them to see if they have souls? Ask Barbiel who their angel is & what’s he doing? Maybe Chris or Declan can bring a priest or holy man with great faith there & at least consecrate a space for the poor angel to manifest & maybe show the fey what’s at stake. They can be killed, after all, & presumably it’s off to a hot spot for most. OK, that was more than one question, sorry.