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My wish list:
1. Demon Divine comes out on Audible REALLY SOON!
2. Find out more about the murder of Declan’s mother and what Declan does about it.

I mean this has bugged Declan nearly his entire life and now he has first hand knowledge as to who was responsible.
The big questions are was the death with working directly on Masha’s orders and since she was Croatian how much did Declan’s father know about ‘the hit?’

Again since this is a wish list and Masha (sp? I only have the audiobooks) is one of my least favorite characters (or my favorite character to hate) I wouldn’t mind discovering that Declan’s mother and aunt weren’t the only ones drugged that faithful night and Masha had drugged Declan’s father as well with an aphrodisiac to make him and his brother unaware that the sisters weren’t cooperating.

What can I say I like Declan’s sister and wouldn’t mind seeing her father a not such a bad guy.