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Weres (LV) & vampires (V2) may have originated from prehistoric alien contacts fiddling with our viruses & DNA to breed stronger slaves/bodyguards. There was a reference to the Vorsook using gates that “gods” semi-friendly to humans used to come through. The assumption being those “gods” lost the fight against the Vorsook & are one with the dinosaurs.
It sounds as if both LV & V2 are variants of the rabies virus, modified to include supernatural abilities. I imagine Thomas is right, Omega may be analyzing Chris’s blood to find a way to give Declan biological immortality without having to be a vampire or were.
Dragons aren’t native to Fairy, so there must be another world out there were they came from, presumably with an ass load of dragons on it. It may be the same world the Dwarfs they saw in the Winter Court tapestries came from. It’d be interesting to find a gate there & send an expedition, maybe with a dragon & Ashley along to talk to them before they ate the explorers. I wonder if dragons like to hoard gold like the ones in literature? Maybe it helps moderate their metabolisms like reactor rods for nuke plants. Or maybe they’re just OCD.