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I like it! As we discuss this I keep trying to find excuses for Declan to become a weredragon. So what if… Omega discovers that the reason that witch’s cannot be turned (assuming they can’t), or when they are turned lose their magic(again, assuming this is the case).. is because they cease to be human (assume this is the case for vampires as well as weres), the virus changes them into a being that is mundane.. wolves cannot use magic, therefor a werewolf is non magical. But! by combining various aspects of chris and tanyas blood, as well as the blood/venom/dna of a dragon, is able to turn Declan into a weredragon because dragons ARE magical in nature, he can still use magic. A drawback to this might be that it consumes both calories and his own magical reserve to use dragon or dragon hybrid form. Ways to sustain himself would be increased calorie intake, drinking blood, and using the Erwin technique of harnessing the energy around him to restore his reserves (not possible for current Erwins to do I don’t think, but this would be part of the change) This could also mean that a human can only change into a weredragon if they are strong in magic.

The flaw in this argument might be that we have seen breeding between witch and were can make a hybrid of the 2, but I would argue that being infected with LV is changing you from one being into another, where as procreation would be a combination of the two. Does that argument seem sound at all? lol

Way too overpowered, but I love it.