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Sethanis, I didn’t go straight to beastiality, it took a few sentences in the gutters before the plunge into the sewer. 🙂 I think if he did the wild thing with a bear, we’d wind up with a brown bear of some type, not a short faced bear like Okwari (pronounced Okwali), due to his DNA being derived from his mother. The issues might be are the cubs shifters & are they intelligent?
Etlecho, there are certainly plenty of Elder gods out there to choose from. The hard part is the reproductive stage involving getting the god, the host animal & serious fertility magic together in one place at the right time, without getting yourself killed in the process. Then apparently, the “god” has to be willing to “die” for their soul to be incarnated in the newborn thing. I wonder if Owasos is going to be biologically immortal like Chris, or if he’s just long lived, like a were. He’s derived from a god & has been given Chris’ blood several times, so it could go either way.