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Will Wight’s Cradle series, book 1 is called Unsouled. This is a sort of fast paced epic fantasy. While I cannot say it is like the demon accords, that is because there are no other books like this series. Its a western take on chinese fantasy and it is freaking amazing (Some people have trouble getting into it because the first book does not have a lot of the main character getting stronger, so be prepared for book 1 to be character development and backround of the world.) I cannot praise these books enough. Below I will list the current goodreads ratings for the books in the series just to give you an idea of how well received they are. The audiobooks are also incredible.

Book 1: Unsouled 4.24 stars with 6,472 ratings
Book 2: Soulsmith 4.45 stars with 5,066 ratings
Book 3: Blackflame 4.56 stars with 4,691 ratings
Book 4: Skysworn 4.44 stars with 4,127 ratings
Book 5: Ghostwater 4.63 stars with 3,756 ratings
Book 6: Underlord 4.76 stars with 2,441 ratings

These are out of 5 stars*

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