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You bring up some really good points. But the thing is, Declan has a ton of internal power too, but he still struggled doing simple things. While it is likely that it isn’t possible for him to be a vampire, I do think there is a small chance of that, or something similar happening. I started rereading Winterfall yesterday and am very curious if Dragons use magic, it was said that Dragons are resistant to “what we call magic”, that their scales specifically protect them. As cool as vampire Declan would be, I like new things and him somehow combining with dragons whether it be in a weredragon form or some sort of witch ritual that gives him dragon like attributes sounds really cool. Plus, his babies would be more unique and when they grew up they could have babies with grown up wolf and cora. The only thing is.. Ok I admit I am being way too picky here. It bugs me a bit that Stacia is a wolf. They are just so common. I know she is unique because of Chris’ blood but it would be way more awesome if she was a weretiger or something more unique/bigger/stronger. One thing that I found odd is Stacia (I think) has half blue half green aura when Chris looks at her, while Nadine (the were wolverine), is like 60 percent animal 40 percent human aura. I would think Chris’ blood would increase Stacias power/animalness.

Apologies for the stream of consciousness I decided to type out as there is no form or reason to it. If you get a chance checkout the book series I recommended in the thread where someone asks for stories like the demon accords, I think it is currently 4th from the top, you will not regret it I promise you.

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