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1. Maybe, it depends on whether that’s dependent upon being God’s chosen demon hunter or not.
2. He probably does, but is limited by his beliefs & imagination. One of the reasons he may want to audit some physics classes. If he realizes the connections he may start being able to do more in the future.
3. No clue.
4. I would imagine so, unless the LV is modified for delivery by the salivary glands.
5. Interesting thought. We’ll have to see.

Here’s one back at you.
1. Do only male angels get swords, or does Tanya have one & just needs to ask Barbiel about it? She does love blades.
2. As some of God’s children, are the Fairies condemned for their actions? Dealing with demons, wanton killing etc.. Where is their angel(s)? On an extended coffee break? If Chris brought a holy man (or woman) to Fairy could they consecrate some ground? Which angel(s) would show up? Is there a plan for their redemption? Is Declan part of it?
3. The demons in DD called the Vorsook The Ancient Enemy. Have they fought them or do they just use the Fairy’s name for them? Most demons so far seem to be derived (body parts wise) from Earth organisms. Are there different demons for each race of God’s children out there? What do Vorsook demons look like? Who is their angel(s)?
4. Do dragons have hordes like those in literature? If so, are they just OCD about shiny things or does gold serve a purpose, like the moderator rods in a nuclear reactor? Where is their world? Is it the same one the dwarves come from? Could a dragon survive in our world with it’s limited magic or could it pull enough to get along? Do dragons have angels?
OK, OK, that’s more than one. Sorry.