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On my questions:
1. you may be right there. But does she then have something else, beside her voice? I mean, Chris have aura and angelfire.
2. that makes sense
3. Hmm, vampires could probably lighten themselves and run across water. I wonder if they could lighten a were enough to swim?
4. Yes. I wonder, since the LV-virus is so aggressive, why there are so few weres really.
5. I hope so 🙂

Your questions:
1. She would love a sword, but would it have the same properties as Chris’? She might have two swords 🙂
2. I would guess that trying to condemn a whole world of gods children by cheating the accord would have some reprecussions. I think God is god in any dimension. Otherwise there are one for each dimension/universe. A squabble bewteen fairy an earth is like the vorsok and humans. It is a bit fuzzy on damning yourself, so to speak, since I think someone like General Creek would qualify, any of the vorsok, the grey, and so on. If they are all gods children, but are mostly damned – how is that affecting the the power of “hell” vs “heaven”
3. Yes, and is there somewhere where the demons are extinct, but without them the universe have gone to hell, so to speak, paved with good intentions. And perhaps, they ahve killed off the demons i their universe and are now here to do the same here 🙂 They might think the save us by incoporating them in the dna computer or enslaving us to kill or make sure the demons have no purpose.
4. Yes, their hordes, magic/technology/talents, and their actual power are interesting to speculate about. I wonder if they could have fled the vorsok at some time, or if they hold the secret of stopping the vorsok. I’d love to see a dragon in our world. And dragon might have angels, but do they look like a dragon?

So some other questions:
6. In fairy Declan used the planet’s magnetic field to charge a large part of quartz to stun the dragon. Since magnetism and electricity is related and can be converted back and forth, can Declan do the same on Earth? It would be a never ending source of power.
7. Do all angels for different species look like the ones they are guarding?
8. I would like to see Creek, Krup, and Macha (spelling might be wrong) get their juste desserts, or at least a bit of karma. Do you have anyone you’d like to see get the scored settled for/with?