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While the LV is very aggressive, it’s also lethal …maybe. The books vary, some say 30% conversion rate & the rest die, another says the ones who don’t make the change, just get better & stay human. Very confusing.

6. Did he use the magnetic field or the realm magic to charge the quartz? Magnetism is an electromagnetic phenomena & with his ability to use & direct current he should be able to work with it.
7. I’d imagine each races angels look like them so they can relate or maybe manifest as wavering lights occasionally. Angels aren’t really corporeal beings, so should be able to look like whatever they want.
8. Creek is a typical OCD military officer asshole, but you’d think he’d have learned to go with the flow by now. Krupp, started out OK, but is under a lot of pressure. We may see a better side of her in CAECO. Macha Bannfield needs to be run over by a truck. I’ve been thinking Perun & his brother may have been used/magically bound to do the deed. One was a weak male witch & the other had no power at all. It would have been easy to force them to attack Maeve & Ashling. They were there as prospective grooms after all. Raping a witch would be Darwinian, if you intended to marry one. Maybe one of the other Croatian witches was in on it, what with Declan discovering the death witch in Summer Reign.
So to answer your question, just Macha. I’d like to find out more about Elder T’sao though. What she was up to when China was being overrun by the Vorsook, who her staff witch is etc.. Granted, she was pissed at Senka, but her sphere of influence was being invaded by aliens! I’d have thought she’d be in the middle of it & Hosukawa would be having a great time fighting the aliens.

Back at you:
9. Given Declan’s abilities with air & telekinesis, I wonder if he will try flying any time soon? He may be able to keep pace with Chris & the others that way instead of huffing & puffing on two legs. For that matter ANY strong witch should be able to either fly themselves with Air or telekinesis or use telekinesis on a broom or something.