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I’ve reconsidered question #8, in regards General Creek. He’s been in a position of serious power & has peered into the abyss way too long. He has condoned, or ordered kidnappings & murders of US citizens (testing of the centipede drones), illegal medical experiments & vivisection which would have made Dr. Mengele & Japan’s Section 731 green with envy & abused his authority in ways Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Stalin & Pol Pot would heartily approve of. And it is ongoing! I’m frankly amazed Omega hasn’t raised the issue with Chris & the crew. Chris knows what AIR did & DOAA is doing the same thing, but with full governmental approval. If his crimes were made public & went to trial, he’d be locked up for ten thousand years & then executed repeatedly, along with many of those carrying out the above actions in DOAA.