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Archimedes, I agree there must be some loss or inefficiencies in pulling & transferring or “leveraging” external power sources. Plus, while they say he uses no internal power in the process, I’d think he has to use some. Maybe not a significant amount, but he has to exert some power to tap the external sources & then more to guide it’s usage. Much of the power for guidance could be from the drawn power, but the initial source would have to be him. It could then be self sustaining (with some bleed by or inefficiency). Although at the quantum level many of the macro laws (thermodynamics etc.) seem to be more fuzzy guidelines than firm laws.
Also, your drone power source thought is pretty cool. That, combined with Etlecho’s entangled nanites would keep him powered up, maybe even if trapped in a circle. For that matter he should be able to channel power from Omega’s anti-matter drone power source, or figure a magic way to generate the power himself.

Etlecho, he could probably do the mono edge with magic as well as an electro blade. A electron particle beam for distance work would be less power intensive than lightning strikes & have less potential for collateral damage. He might need to create a tool, amulet or blasting rod for that sort of precision.

DoctorChild, while Chris is biologically immortal, Mr. Conroe hasn’t had access to V2, LV, or made a Dorian Grey deal (that we know of), so the story from our end is finite.