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Hi, I was rereading the books recently and came across a section that bothered me before, but somehow didn’t really crystallize until now. If you’ll indulge me:

In book 9, God Hammer, during the attack by the centipede bots being controlled by Anvil, Arkady mentions that he lost a finger, and it’s implied that it will grow back – even though it was apparently cut off by a silver blade, which is particularly toxic to vampires. If that is the case, how come the Outer Guard vampires are unable to heal from seemingly similar wounds? It doesn’t appear that they were turned into vampires already handicapped (missing limbs, burns, etc.), so is it a matter of age? Considering how powerful a healing effect Chris and Tanya’s blood has, have they even attempted to heal the Outer Guard members?

Perhaps this is just an oversight, or I missed it where this was covered, but it would be cool if eventually the Outer Guard were healed back to normal.

This isn’t really a question, but I was thinking about Chris’ need for a new weapon capable of harming demons and the Vorsook – how about Declan makes Chris a copy of Stormbreaker (Thor’s replacement axe)? Declan would need to level up in enchanting though…