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I didn’t see the connection and I don’t think there is one. I did note that micro drone appeared after visit by Chester Flottercot and that the drone debris disappeared (nano tech treatment or nano drones?). I also got the impression that Chester didn’t like smart technology with the reference to the antique pocket watch he carries. So was it following Chester? I can see a lot of symbolism there. We also know the aparment has 4 active bugs (those transmitting) that Ricky was overriding. Note that bugs could be smart devices that have been hacked. My personal speculation was Trinity was a possible source. Her gathering information to advance the production of her show. She had access to the appartment more so than Agents Black and White.

That causes me chuckle, Agents Black and White.

Media seems to have a bigger roll than the government. Why is Chester Flottercot in a military crisis briefing? The media must be melting down after the AJ’s last sojourn to Manhatten.

The approch of the two kids is a way to show that stuff is going on with media without having to have AJ watch TV. His reaction to the kids becomes more media fodder.

Most of the staging and setup appears to me to be Media vs Reality. The reason that it isn’t the center of attention and more the pervasive background is as AJ puts it, “I’ve been busy.”