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I thought of some other things 🙂
1. Declan should be able to make something like a short-circuit grenade that clings to bots or things that omega hasn’t suborned. Like the bullets for the centipede drones, but drains their batteries, power source, or surge and fry their cpus. I wonder if that could work against Vorsok tech? Perhaps it could carry a spell like the effects of the kwist bush on the black armor?
2. He should be able to create a network of permenant portals connected to the batteries he is creating, to be able to repond to Vorsok attacks (we know some likely places for portals). Don’t know if that is a good idea though…
3. I wonder if Chris could make a sword of his mono edge? Since his angel sword is will not always light up, it could be an alternative.

I had a another thought, but it vanished 🙂