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I’m surprised some of the Outer Guard haven’t been healed that way.

1. Don’t see why not, it just depends whether he thinks of it or not. How to test it without getting killed could get ticklish.
2. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t set up some permanent portals at a few key locations, so he can get around without having to build one every time. Link places like Demidova Tower, College Arcane, Rowan West, Castle Senka etc.. Save on jet fuel anyway. They could add other secure locations as needed, like the various Demidova HQs. The batteries don’t even need to link to Fairy for power, they can convert the energy hitting Demidova Tower & other structures for much of it. Lot’s of kinetic energy in wind around skyscrapers, vibrations from traffic & subways, summer heat hitting the windows is more power (side benefit keeping the A/C bills down), lightning strikes & rainfall provide more energy.
3. I think he’s already used the mono edge as a whip & I know he’s extended them for use as a knife past his fingers, so don’t see why not a sword.