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I’m not sure if angels and demons have souls…I mean Lucifer did revolt against God, but Barbiel said he could not refuse a task – due to lacking free will – but he could choose how he went about it. Sooo, do they have souls, but not free will? Did God remove free will after Lucifer revolted, or are Lucifer and the demons a special breed/type of angels that could choose to revolt? And I wonder if Fae have souls? Their essence returns to faerie much like demons do when banished…

There are many questions about angels and demons. And about the greate scheme of things. I mean, demons speak about the children of God when talking about humans, but what about the rest of the species in the universe? Why are humans and earth so special for the demons? Do other species have their own demons? And are fae damned by their actions, as humans are or is there something else they are measured by? ‘Cause if some humans are damned by murder and torture and such, then the queens and their courts should be having horns by now and heading downstairs.