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To your original request for “extremely powerful protagonist, with supernatural friends, a fairly non-intrusive romance, maybe even some government interference and stuff like that?” I like the Valens Legacy by Jan Stryvant. Now it is a harem fantasy series, but other than the sex, hit hits all of your requirements. I also have to agree, that the Kate Daniels series is fantastic. They just released the last book in that series last summer. It is an epic series that really hits its grove by book three. Mercy Thompson is another series that is just fantastic, and use one of the best narrators for the audio books i have herd. For something on the lighter side you might want to check out the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn. It is a fun urban fantasy series that keeps it light and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Dark hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon is really well written, but I will warn you there is a ton of sex in her books. I find myself just flipping pages to just get back to the story. Harbinger P.I. is a good newcomer to the game, and is written by Adam J. Wright. I find the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter to be hit and miss, but too many people I respect love her work to discount it. Karen Chance’s Midnight’s Daughter series is great. Fairly long books so buckle in. I will also second the Monster Hunter International series. Some of the characters are cliche, but hey everyone likes a bit of fast food sometimes. I will wrap it up with a few series that I like that might be a bit different than you’re looking for. One is Bill the Vampire series, by Rick Gualtieri. It is strait up Comedy, written by a geek for geeks. Next is Molly Harper, specifically he Jane Jameson/Half Moon Hallow series. These are best described as romantic comedies with supernaturals. Hope you find something you like, 🙂 I know I plan on checking out some of the suggestions I have found on here. Enjoy!