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Good points about Kral Vrana and Ned Granger, I must admit.
However, there are some other possibilities – We’ve seen one (idiotic) Witch circle hex the fuck outta some werewolves, we haven’t seen the Irwin circle for a while, and there could be a hell of a lot of pressure building up in the Eastern European region that is 1) Home of Kral Vrana, 2) Home of Tanya’s grandmother, whose name is escaping me at the moment, 3) Home of the necro-witch that killed Maeve Irwin, who died rather conveniently for Declan to get ahold of the ghost she’d used as a gun 5) Home of Declan’s paternal ancestors, who are either still allied with or vehemently opposed to the Irwin circle, and 6) has a historical connection with the Unseelie sect of Faery, second only to Ireland.
Could be all sorts of fun stuff brewing in that part of the world.