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I asked some of these questions (2 & 3) in another thread. Here they are:
1. Where was Elder Tzao when China was being invaded by the Vorsook?
2. Where were Ondrej the Giant while Elder Senka was kicking alien ass in Italy & China? He better have some good excuses.
3. Does Elder Tzao have a witch on her staff?
4. Instead of running & huffing & puffing to keep up with Chris & company, why doesn’t Declan fly? He has full air power now.
5. Do the Fey have angels of their own? If so where the F are they? Extended coffee break?
6. Do the Fey’s action’s kidnapping, murder etc. condemn them to hell?
7. Can Chris bring a priest along & consecrate some ground in Fairy, so Barbiel or the local Fey angel can appear?
8. Dragons aren’t native to Fairy, so where do they come from? Do they collect hoards? Does gold sooth a magical itch or serve a purpose for them?
9. Do the dwarves come from the same world the dragons came from, or yet another one? Are they enemies on their home world?
10. The New York Pack is now the Mid-Atlantic & New England pack. That implies a LOT more than just one challenge to consolidate that much territory. It implies at least 10-15 or more challenges, if packs are in every decent sized city (see the Ashville, NC pack in Fallen Stars). He’d have to take out every Alpha between Bangor, Maine & Richmond, Virginia. WTF happened? Are witches trying to destroy him? Is that why Brock missed what was happening in his own pack? The story says a down turn in business preoccupied him, but the multiple challenges & dealing with a suddenly huge amount of territory & fractious seconds may be more to blame.
11. With Summer beaten up so bad by Omega, will Morrigan consider that to be true defeat & call off the truce she had with Declan?
12. Who hired the Croatian death witch, Macha B or someone else?
13. Is Perun an actual bad guy or one of Macha B’s victims? He & Laban came to get married, it doesn’t seem normal BOTH would suddenly want to rape their prospective wives (Darwinian if nothing else). Did Macha B bind them when they said no to her scheme & force them to do the deed? They were a weak male witch & a non-witch respectively, it wouldn’t have been difficult for her. Him wanting to talk to Declan may imply there is another side to the sordid affair.
14. What about the Vorsook? Are they condemning themselves by killing or enslaving all other species? They seem to be enemies of demons (Demon Divine), how did that happen?