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Yeah, we’ve seen a Were/witch child, but occupied by a demon. Would a normal one just be super fast changing AND crazy magical? Imagine a GOOD version of Dragan! Would their normal kid grow at a normal pace, or at his speed? Also, Declan, as we see from Holly’s short story, appears to draw weres to him (Or at least Demon Blood exposed ones); and is seen as an Alpha by their mini pack.

With Declan and Stacia I got thinking after listening to the compendium – we get a lot about how her “Wolf” chose him – but Nika talks in such a way that it looks like Lydia and her may have… made it happen somehow? I may be reading too much into it. I do find Tanya’s attitude towards “Wolf girl” ridiculously unpleasant at times. But if Nika, a powerful telepath, somehow manipulated Stacia towards Declan? That’s a whole level of insidiousness that borders on weird. I mean I doubt she WOULD but then again, Vampiric morality is OFF. To protect Tanya and her choice of Chosen? Would she do it?

I’m also re-listening to Executable and I actually really like Declan and CAECO – even if D is an idiot near the end around Ryanne (Teenagers!) I’m actually dreading College Arcane again – it feels like it’s a necessary book to flesh out the world, but its central premise is, basically, breaking Declan and Caeco up and making Declan into a Warlock. Now, that’s all normal for teens (the breakup), but their relationship doesn’t seem completely like it isn’t salvageable and even in God Hammer it looks like it could recover. A couple of good conversations, boundary setting could fix things. Rogues seems to spend a lot of time trying to convince us that Stacia does like him. But again… I don’t know. the short story about the NYC pack puts more weirdness there. But then again, we find out Caeco has been happily supplying both her mother and the government with details about Declan soooo…. yeah trust issues.

Like, they’re IDIOTS. And Brock and Aphena don’t seem that dumb. Stacia is referenced as amazingly unique and they WANT to get rid of her to save MONEY? I do hope Brock gets called out on that down the line in a main book. Ideally by a sardonic Chris who he KNOWS he shouldn’t eff with. Hell, Declan, Omega and Stacia should set up an online shipping company that puts Lupine sports outta business COMPLETELY. But the meeting seemed a tad out of character and really short sighted for the NY Pack. And Stacia was sort of justified in how upset she was, but… yeah It didn’t resolve well as a story for me. Maybe a line about her realising he had a plan. He did a lot for her there. Protects her. She seems to act a bit like a long suffering spouse at times!

CAECO we see she still has feelings in her book, even though she spends a LOT of time rationalising things and having Fan set up as the love interest. But I find her and Declan have a more interesting dynamic. Stacia has become a little bit… one note it feels. I think a book like Rogues that’s more low key threat, more pack focused, with Declan / Chris would be great. More of her perspective. Eh, I’m soppy, I kind of like overt displays in literature when someone actually says they care, not just snark. This isn’t Jane Austen! Have some declarations from the women, too! Maybe i just want a sitcom book or short stories where we see them building a business.

As for the wiki, yeah I’ll sign up. Be nice to contribute something as I seem to be a bit obsessed with the series!