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I’m waiting for some of the team to take that logical “next step” – setting up more of a HQ than Demidova Tower. They’ve got the gang, but it’s like Bridge Crew – why send your entire executive team on each issue. They need to delegate, man!

I can see Declan maybe starting his own version of Arcane as he gets older; plus he and Stacia now have a “rival” pack to the main NYC one, so he can use Omega to set up a business side as well. We don’t REALLY know what Stacia wants to do day to day other than hang with him, but I think she has her own independent streak AND she used to be right hand to the female Alpha, so we know she can organise AND she’s brainy.

I think Declan and Omega will start with something more mundane but probably move to exploring both interplanetary (If only to stop Mars being used as a staging post by the Vorsook. Or the Moon.) and alternative options.

With Faerie he did agree to leave the city alone, so they’d be independent. And Witches on Faerie go a bit punch drunk with magic. BUT they do get supercharged, so maybe having a “semester” class based there, to get them used to handling larger power draws AND getting the place used to them. Hell, it’d probably be good to shake Elvish culture up a bit, more humans that can match elves, maybe start interbreeding slow time, stop them being such racist, elitist weirdoes.

I can see Declan being a hands on tutor and boss, a bit of a magical, more competent Elon Musk maybe….