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More short stories from Declan and Stacias POV. I’ve griped in other threads about Caeco being kinda thrown under the bus until recently (I liked her pairing with D) but I did enjoy the romantic buildup with D and S.

Seeing a “day in the life” of them as a fully formed pack, maybe setting up a business, maybe poaching pack members from NYC.

There’s also the Pack at Arcane which seems to have adopted that new member who got bitten… and the Alphas sister took a CLEAR shine to immediately.

A story from Nathan Stewarts perspective maybe, as he is reading all the after action reports of the other teams activities and trying to brief clearly dumbfounded Congressmen and women.

OR one from Levi’s point of view. Which would basically be a heist or espionage book with some magic, where a single vampire becomes a terrifying real threat. Plus magical mafia etc. Probably a bit too similar to Dresden but a short story a-la an India Jones escape from criminals would be fun