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I agree Creek needs to be dealt with. He’s looked into the abyss too long. I’m frankly amazed Declan & Omega haven’t exposed his actions to the new president or the press. He would have Heinrich Himmler nodding with approval: Imprisonment of US citizens (& children) without due process, trial or representation; involuntary medical experiments; vivisection; murder (development of the centipedes) to name a few. All mandated or tacitly approved by Homeland Security & the office of the president. His crimes are so huge, they would need a necromancer to resurrect him about 50 times, so they could execute him again. Of course bringing him to justice would probably drag a lot of officials & politicians down with him, so they’d probably call Hillary to have him commit “suicide”.
I see Nathan as more of a decent guy trapped by his loyalty to the president, than an actual bad guy. A bit arrogant at times, but most in positions of authority for any length of time develop that attitude, no matter how good they are. He did, after all, find a way to force the president to release Chris & company.
I’d love to find out the deal with Brock & Afina. Brock is now Alpha of the New England & Mid Atlantic pack? That implies considerably more than one challenge, that covers quite a bit of territory & every major & mid sized city seems to have a pack & alpha. Maybe the stress of whatever happened distorted his judgement when dealing with Declan’s minor infraction.
Here’s a question: Where’s Tanya’s angel sword? Or do only male angels get one? Does heaven need an EEOC?