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I think it was a bit unfair that Stacia’s book wasn’t told first person from her POV. One of THOSE types of novels could be great fun – her own book, Rogues, segued into Declan’s book by the end. CAECO also ended up with a heavy Declan focus, but that’s to be expected considering their… history.

I think a novel with Chris as one of the narrators works, but overall I’m more comfortable with him sliding back a bit more – he’s kind of HAD his major arcs – grown as a character. The usual way to keep them interesting is by damaging that growth in some way – look at how comics resets Spiderman or Batman ALL THE TIME. Either that, or you escalate the threat stupidly.

More from his point of view, maybe of some of the other characters would be good though, especially as the Vorsook arc builds up – as they seem a fair match for him.

I’d be a fan of more Compendiums, to flesh out more characters and maybe give us Chris’ view of some of these OTHER stories being told. I for one would lvoe to see how he slammed Mr Jenks around at Arcane for the guy being an idiot!

DoctorChild – your own characters? Writing your own series perhaps?