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With omega, I think Mr Conroe has actually spent some time curbing him – at first Omega was “everywhere”; but by Caeco’s book it seems he can only properly “focus” on some of the world – and doesn’t quite have all that influence over even most of the USA. He can run several parallel routines but doesn’t seem to be that imaginative or active if he isn’t as zeroed in on a situation – hence why he can’t talk when Declan gets hurt – EVERYTHING focuses on that issue.

Also he seems very poorly equipped to deal with the Vorsook AI. And they seem to have multiple versions of those – so it may be that his limit is in a stand up fight with the Vorsook.

The Vorsook seem to also have been very stupid – they have all these hidey holes on the planet – and actual Vorsook on Earth. Quite why some of those have reverted to using basic cybernetic enslavement is weird. We saw that even a small number of the Black Forest weapons were ridiculously effective. Why haven’t they tried that again now they have actual footholds or presence? The whole Nika short story would’ve ended a whole lot differently if there’d been Black Frost revenants in that base, rather than the usual MIB grunts. Same for CAECO…

But yeah, another novel with Chris (I think Tanya’s book will show more of him) and then a few split offs. Of course, Mr Conroe can only do one book at a time! We should clone him….