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Time travel could be a bit weird – or send him back so he has to make sure his past ISN’T disrupted by Vorsook maybe?

I did have a thought that maybe we get an Alternative Universe Chris – one who DID lose everyone in that ORACL bunker… and who went apocalyptic. Ends up in this universe to wreak havoc – he’s JUST Grim now, wants Tanya. And just thinks all threats to Tanya EVERYWHERE need to die – so starts a one man battle across the planet. Could be an interesting way to whip up tension between Chris and the world again – “look what happens if he goes off the deep end!!”

Of course, the counter to that is “Well, how about we don’t TRY to send him off the deep end?”

I think Chris in WW2 would be… insanely overpowered. NOTHING could scratch him, unless we find out just what the Nazis were doing in that POW camp…