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Well there are Were folk in Fairy; just they seem purpose bred by the queens (The were tigers who seemed a little MORE than just Weres); I kind of want to see Declan set up a permanent base, beyond the jet setting.

Also, his role as a Pack Alpha with Stacia will be… interesting. As he’s a bit unorthodox and “apparently” doesn’t get involved in macho bs. Except he does; his whole demeanour is about knocking the legs out from others to show he isn’t to be messed with. Except with the NY pack when he TRIED diplomacy and they got… silly.

I can see him attracting a varied mix – he already has the loyalty of people from “his” city for saving a few of the Council. I can see him taking the ones who don’t want to align with the Wild Hunt. Think he and Stacia need more detail on their relationship, perhaps the book after Darkkin queen we can explore Steclan and their weird jet setting life, their dynamic. She loves him, but there’s this theme that the guys are clueless and don’t seem to function without the girls. And the girls only need the guys when things get dire and don’t seem to get their own comeuppance for saying things… whereas the guys get a good verbal kicking (Yeah, they deserve it at times… but turnabout, fair play!)

Holly and Delaney are the start; I think Declan taking a more leader-role with the witches globally is fairly inevitable when he starts thinking a bit more “big picture” beyond Omega. He already, apparently, has several companies that Omega runs for him. Which is why I was surprised that Stacias mum being unemployed was an issue in the Compendium – surely omega could just give her a job at one of Declan’s companies?

Also, he REALLY needs to recruit TJ to his team for the robot tech…